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RT @lenovo Congrats to #Kimi7 and #Seb5 for both making podium & taking back the championship lead after today’s #AustrianGP! #ForzaFerrari

RT @lenovo Smile—you’re off camera. Introducing ThinkShutter, the answer to all the tape and post-it notes you ever used to block your webcam.

RT @lenovo Is it the weekend yet? #FridayFeeling

RT @lenovo In case we need to sign any official documents.

RT @lenovo Your move.

RT @lenovo Curious about #VR? Our new Mirage headset and camera represent a « step in an entirely new direction, » according to @JenniferJolly.

RT @lenovo TrackPoint cupcake. Sweet. #ThinkPad

RT @lenovo We were just named the world’s largest provider of Top500 Supercomputers. Learn more about one of these computing beasts here:

RT @lenovo You shouldn’t have to choose between being mobile and being productive. This is Miix.

RT @lenovo Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you had a productive week and are looking forward to a totally UNproductive weekend! #balance