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Category Archives: Lenovo

RT @lenovo .@JBLAudio possible to get a roof crew out here? We just blew ours off w/ ur speakers. #Y900

RT @lenovofr :#NeverStandStill vous voulez dire, @courbet_julien ? #StillStanding !

RT @lenovo Our analytics team crunched the data on #InternationalCatDay & deduced cat gifs would yield the highest performance.

RT @lenovo RT @LenovoANZ: Sharing a mutual #passion for disruptive #innovation, we are continuing to partner with @SydneyIncubate into 2017.

RT @lenovo Pack a bag & join us for #LenovoLaunch & #LenovoIFA. It all starts on Aug 31 in Berlin! #BetterNeverStops

RT @lenovofr :Souple comme un chat. Convivial comme un Yoga 900. #JournéeDuChat

RT @lenovo Giving a-cute angle to your story. With Lenovo #Yoga900, geometry made easy! Watch:

RT @lenovo Can you remember when you last complimented someone? Better late than never! #ImagineBetter

RT @lenovo And you think a laptop is all you’re gonna need. #Think again. #BetterNeverStops

RT @lenovo Picture it: you’re Sir Tim Berners-Lee. You helped invent the Internet. You… have to wait over a decade to tweet about it. Dark times.